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We ordered eight tickets through Groupon for the Real Madrid vs Paris Soccer Match at the Ohio State Football stadium. Went to the game with six kids who were very excited to see the game along with another dad. We were supposed to be able to print tickets before we left, but their was a technical problem on the web site and tickets could not be printed. Called Groupon and they said, no problem, just go to the ticket window and they can give... Read more

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Groupon - Ring Review from Raleigh, North Carolina
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Excellent prices and quality. Got a nice one carat diamond ring for 439!!! Zales charged my husband for a total weight set that was less than a carat total 2500!! I had lost my ring and always wanted a Solitare and got a notification that the carat was 439. I didn't believe it but I got an awesome 1ct stone that is better quality than what is offered at Zales for 3999. It was better than the original one he paid so much for that was small and... Read more

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Groupon Ads are obnoxious. Groupon pushes owning experiences as the ideal and in one particular ad, flashes a picture of a person with two sport cars as an example of how not to live. The implication is sports car owners don't know how to live. Well, obviously, Groupon folks haven't had the privilege and fun, fun, fun experience of owning and driving your own sports car. I have one and wouldn't trade it for any of the mindless experiences... Read more

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Worst company ever! Bought a diamond tennis bracelet end of May, by end of June it tarnished THAN broke in 1/2!! Groupon won't exchange or refund because it's over 14 days!! They sell inferior quality and refuse to stand by their products!!

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2 recent transactions. 1. I ordered a heated hairbrush for my daughter. It is defective and never worked. Groupon quoted the 14 day return but i didnt receive the item within the 24 days. It took 18 days to be delivered. 2. I ordered 2 salt lamps and received one box including one only. The product was broken when received. I contacted Groupon and received the information to sen the product back. I also noted only 1 salt lamp was... Read more

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When I placed my order I put in the card information that I wanted it to charge and it charged another card on file rather than asking me to complete the new card information on my account. Very unsatisfied with this card service information and as a result will be out the funds on my debit card when I wanted to use a credit card. I called 2 days after to find out why and they said they couldnt change it unless I returned the item and wait until... Read more

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Shame on you Groupon. Ordered one color for Apple iPod and they confirmed the order, accepting my order. Sent ugly color and cannot replace. My daughter saved her $$ and needs it for a trip so she has no choice but to use it. Can't return a used product. Asked for price adjustment and they were unwilling and can't replace as they don't have any. Told they gave us $30 Groupon bucks but nothing in our account. A complete ripoff - feels like a bait... Read more

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If you think shopping at home using Groupon is easy and hassle free , think again. They sent the wrong size bedspread. Now I have to box it up, drive it to the post office, stand in line, explain to the post office worker why I am sending this back with no label ( due to me not being able to print one) and wait for the next step from the "Groupon Goods Team". I foresee a continued hassle and I am pissed !!! Read more

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I bought a few pieces of lab created emerald jewelry, Upon first glance they looked to be overly clean. I looked at them with a jewelers lope and found bubbles, which are not found in lab created emeralds. In the second piece there were no flaws whatsoever so upon closer inspection the facets were all scratched and fractured so it was likely just a piece of green glass. I also bought a tanzanite jewelry set, that were supposedly natural. only... Read more

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  • Jun 25
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I bought a refurbished phone they claim before I bought it was tested before they sold it to me they claim more like used and the phone won't make calls using phone defective

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