I just got angry in trying to answer your questions about why I am "pissed." (A word that I do not use.)

My original complaint was about purchasing the afore- mentioned products and not getting the opportunity to click on my desire to use my Groupon bucks while waiting to do so on the acupuncture. When I ordered the ring, I did not realize that I needed to check a box.

I ordered another, and will need to send the first one back. If you have my refund money, you should use it without my worrying about seeing the box to check. I use Groupon a lot, but my inability to be able to speak with someone and explain the problems are VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!! I chatted with someone yesterday who just said nothing could be done about it.

I'm very sure that's not true.

As far as the lack of knowledge about "URL for Facebook" being a reason I can't submit the first part of this complaint, that is absurd. I am 76, not a savvy user of the internet, and I have no idea what URL means.

Location: Olney, Maryland

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