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LivingSocial and the "Bait & Switch that got me:

LivingSocial advertised a voucher for 6 people to enter an Octoberfest, with 6 Large beers and 6 Bratwursts. I purchased the voucher as advertised. I invited my 5 friends and informed that entrance, and the first round of beers and bratwursts were on me since I had a voucher to cover for them. I informed them that any other bratwursts or beers were on them to cover. We all agreed to this.

Three weeks, or a little more LivingSocial sends me an email stating that the voucher will only cover 6 people to enter the Octoberfest. Nothing more, and nothing less. No bratwursts or beers. I purchased this voucher due to the deal offered, and now they are switching it. I had already invited my friends and promised to purchase them the food, and now LivingSocial and the merchant are not honoring the voucher.

After many emails, and hours on the phone, LivingSocial only offered to purchase my voucher back, and offered me $5.00 on top of that. (BTW: Groupon / LivingSocial admitted that it was their fault.) They advertised an offer that was not the actual offer, however, I had already purchased what they had offered and no compensation was given to me.

Due to the false and misleading advertisement, I will be out approximately $100.00 for the 6 Large beers and 6 bratwursts. I escalated the call twice, and they informed that there was nothing that they could do to resolve the matter. They then stated that the voucher I purchased would not get 6 people into the venue. They are going to cancel the voucher altogether. So, now my friends and I could not get into the venue at all without paying full price. they did nothing to resolve the matter.

I took the 6 people to enter the Octoberfest voucher. I needed it for the friends I had invited. LivingSocial put me into this situation with the "Bait ^ Switch"! They did nothing to assist me out of this bait & switch situation.

I was baited into the purchase for what they offered, and they then took most of the offer away. It took them over 3 weeks to inform me of the switch, so I now have to honor the offer that was informed to me, to my friends. I have to purchase the 6 Large beer and 6 bratwursts myself at full price, which I cannot afford. I guess that is what a credit card is for.

If there is a lawyer that wants to help out the little guys, they age being taking by Groupon and LivingSocial in bait & switch offers, they may help to protect us in the future, maybe. I just want to protect the little guys that are baited into purchasing an advertised voucher and having that offer honored.

LivingSocial has turned a fun event into a living ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Groupon Advertisement.

Reason of review: Bait & Switch.

Monetary Loss: $106.

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