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It has been very frustrating trying to login to my account with Groupon. I cannot even locate a telephone number to call.

They tell me that if I need customer support, I have to sign-in. I cannot get my sign -in to go through. Yo all have made this very difficult to navigate. I woiuld like to use my Groupons before they expire.

When I attempt to sign in, they indicate that I have to reset mu password. I reset my password and the same thing continues to repeat with no login. I should have two Groupons that will be expiring in June.

I need to be able to pull them up. Please help???

Product or Service Mentioned: Groupon Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I'm having the same issue. Can't log in.

Cleared my cache and cookies. Even chatted with a groupon rep but he was not helpful. Just kept saying that he'll pass it along to this team of experts and get back in 24-48 hours.

What a joke. Why can't they just help now?


Same here. This is a frickin joke.


Same issue for me. What are they doing? Stupid.


Would love to purchase something but it keeps saying something is wrong. It won't let me sign in and so I made a new password and it still doesn't work. Very frustrating!!!!


According the groupon rep a certain account behavior you make system lockout your acct where you will have to request password change. Unfortunatenif your login email becomea un acceaaanle like mine where i used icloud wheni had iphone then later no longer have any apple device since iphone broke. Apple locked my icloud email access and therefor locked groupon.


I'm having the exact problem. I'm angry too.


I am having the same problem. I continue to reset my password and it passes all the 5 criteria.

It says congrats, you've now reset your password.

But then when I try to log in with the EXACT SAME SAME PASSWORD, it doesn't recognize it and prompts me to reset my password AGAIN!!!! This is ridiculous!!


Customer service is hideous. No phone number to cslk.

No email to write to. I cannot access my information to remove a credit card.


I am having the same problem. They don't answer my emails and there is no longer a number to call. I'm going to start complaining to the NYS Attorney General.


having the same problem repeated attempts to reset password to no avail.


I have this problem too right now. Can't log in no customer service. I think my account was hijacked but I am unable to reset password.


Same thing - try to reset my password, every time I do I get a message that it's the wrong password. Would like to close my account by have to log in to do it! BTW - I still get 5-6 email offers a day from them.


I have the same issue. Not only that, I have a credit with them! Rather scummy of them to now deny me access!


I have the same issue. Customer service tells me I have to login to request a call back, but I can't because my account has been closed! Scammers avoiding the problems.


Terrible customer service!!!! Cannot contact you by phone, What's up with that.

It's so hard to contact you.

I wont be doing business with you anymore. You proabably don't want to return money or receive unwanted products.


I can't get in to my groupon either. It will not even come up.