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It has been very frustrating trying to login to my account with Groupon. I cannot even locate a telephone number to call.

They tell me that if I need customer support, I have to sign-in. I cannot get my sign -in to go through. Yo all have made this very difficult to navigate. I woiuld like to use my Groupons before they expire.

When I attempt to sign in, they indicate that I have to reset mu password. I reset my password and the same thing continues to repeat with no login. I should have two Groupons that will be expiring in June.

I need to be able to pull them up. Please help???

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am also struggling with the same issue both on my laptop and mobile phone, very frustrating!


I purchased massages for Christmas presents and when clicking the link on the purchase confirmation email, I was taken to login page. Where I cannot login and left unable to access my account and the vouchers. Has anyone been able to resolve this because any new password I set doesn’t work.


SAME HERE Having the same issues and it's driving me crazy.


Got the same problem, no way to login regardless of computers or app.


I can log into my groupon account on my phone but not on my laptop. When I try to reset my password groupon says there is no account with my email! What the H_E double hockey sticks?????


same thing is happening to me groupon is horrible never using again


I am having the same problem. I have 2 groupon account and both dont work.

I have groupon bucks too. No Customer service Number.


Yeah, I hear you. I just clicked on the "Need help - Leave feedback - Contact us" link, and that's where my 3 purchases were "hidden." Another way to get them...click on an item for sale in "notifications" and navigate to the bottom of the page and click "help." It took me to my current/available/unused purchases. - finally!!!!


2/3/2021 I am having the same issue. Was hoping to find an answer here but looks like everyone is having the same problem. I think I will call my credit card company and ask them to cancel the purchases I made.


Hey, click the "notifications" bell and choose one of the offerings, then scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on - help. Also, you can click on any ad (just to see the details) then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "leave feedback - contact us" these took me to my purchases.


I'm having the same problem trying return goods and like most of the comments on here having the same problem can't access the goods I need to return reset password and still won't accept it really pissed off you can't speak to anyone either


Same, I click "send reset link" to setup a new password and they don't send an email.


I am locked out of the account I’ve been using forever, also that I just used earlier today to purchase two vouchers. They were in “pending” all day.

When I get home to see if they had cleared, it would not let me into the account. I’ve done the reset password, blah blah.

Says too many failed attempts, and to try again in 30 mins. I am afraid they are actually stealing money.


Apparently, I am another in a growing list of dissatisfied customers unable to login in. My account cannot be found.

No customer service number to be found. A primitive contact form that is difficult to locate on their website. Its been several days since submission and no response.

I have purchases I would like to advantage. The lack of response from Groupon is frustrating; making me wonder if I am going to be ripped off on recent purchases.


Groupon was once a viable company, but they now specialize in "ripping off" customers. There is no way to get a refund even if the pandemic is the reason you cannot use your voucher.

Impossible to speak to anyone and are offered Groupon Bucks in lieu of a refund.. It gets worse; there are a million restrictions on cashing in the bucks so they end up unused and Groupon pockets the money. I am not alone.

According to comments, many people have had the same experience. Buyer Beware!


The same thing is happening to me!!! So frustrating!

I have an account. I cannot sign in. I cannot make a new account.

No one is available to help!!!! I must sign this as "Post as Guest" because it won't let me sign in!!!


So has anyone had any luck being able to sign in and use their Groupon acct?? This is ridiculous and frustrating...I also have money/credit in my account and cannot access it. TERRIBLE!!!


We need to take groupon to small claims court if this is the case. They'll get off their *** if there are thousands of people suing


Their lawyers are a useless group anyway. I am set to take federal legal action against them over spamming.


This is Groupon's customer service number: (888) 375-****

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