San Francisco, California
Not resolved

I was charged twice as well for the same orders. I spoke with someone from Groupon and he said he cancelled the duplicated order and the items should be off my account in 2-3 days.

I contacted my bank and they said the charges posted to my Wellsfargo account, meaning they aren’t pending items anymore. I explained this to Groupon that they needed to refund me because my order shouldn’t have been duplicated and the charges won’t just drop off since they’re posted on my account. I have a picture to prove from my Wellsfargo online banking but I was charged $205.79 and $27.77 (twice) = $261.33 wrongfully.

My bank said I need to get in touch with Groupon in order to get my money back because the charges posted. This makes me not want to buy with Groupon ever again...

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