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I have 3 groupons for smith and wolinsky steak house in boston that were expired at the time they had 2 locations that closed and opened at new locations

I was cleaning out a draw and found these that I had misplaced. I called customer support I was on the phone with the rep.

for 45 plus minutes. he finally came back and offerd me 50% of the price that I had paid for them. I said no I want the full value of $224.00 not $112.00 I said your vouchers never loose what you paid for them.

they blew me off next step consumer protection. I will do my best to discourage anyone I know from dealing with people who scam beware

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $224.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Groupon Cons: False claims on voucher amount paid will never expire.

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So you let the vouchers expire and yet its everyone else's fault? Please oh great and petty person tell us how you came to that conclusion.

Being told tough luck doesn't make them bad. They offered you half of the value, take it and run!!!!!!!!! What gets me is this, WTF would you toss what amounts us to $225.00 into a drawer and forget them? They have dates on them, so you know to use them in a reasonable amount of time.

When are ppl like yourself going to understand that real life doesn't work the way YOU want it too. You screwed up and want everyone else to be responsible instead of you. You know the person responsible. You should be making a post about how negligent and thoughtless you are.

They dont have to do anything for you and yet they offer you half of the value of the expired vouchers but that's just not good enough for you.

In your mind its ALL their fault. You need to learn that when YOU screw up its YOUR FAULT!


No one blew you off. You just didn't like the answer.

It was your fault you let them expire. I'd call back and see if they'd still give you half value.

They don't have to give you anything. Be thankful