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I had previously purchased 4 Groupon deals and they had unfortunately expired. Now it is partially my own fault for letting them expire and then also forgetting about them for an extended amount of time.

I called the customer service line in hopes of a satisfactory resolution such as either a refund for the amount I spent on said deals ($114.00) or a credit to my account to be used on deals I could actually use. Although the actual value spent never expires, my window for trading in the deals for different ones had expired. I don't even live in the same city to even take advantage of using the expired vouchers for the amount spent, nor do I have anyone to gift the expired deals to in my former city. The best option I was given after 45 minutes of airline/Groupon parallels and being told that I was the one that let them expire (which is of course true, but I also started the conversation out with that, so I don't think it needed to be said multiple times) was $50.00 in Groupon bucks, so less than half of what I originally spent.

Somehow this was considered an extreme exception because I was forced to acknowledge that I will never have any exception made to my account again.

Not that it will be an issue anyway considering I will probably not ever use them again anyway after my $50 Groupon bucks is used. Although I appreciate an attempt to make some sort of resolution, I was under the impression that a big company like Groupon would be able to offer a more acceptable one, especially since I wasn't asking for a whole lot.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Consumer is wrong. She agreed to the terms & conditions when she made her purchase.

Groupon made an exception for her with partial compensation and she is still not satisfied? She should be grateful.


No its COMPLETELY your fault and you KNOW this!!! So by "resolution" you mean something in YOUR favor.

You know since YOU screwed up and NOW expect others to bail you out.

I swear its like YOU cant even ADMIT your an adult. Maybe YOU should be MORE responsible.


"partially my own fault"

Wrong! It's all YOUR fault

This is what YOU agreed to when you agreed to the terms of service.

I slept a Groupon too.

Did I whine about it? Not I acted like an adult who honors their acceptance of terms and knows the meaning of personal responsibility .

Grow up.


So you made a mistake, they made an exception and you're throwing a fit. Nice!! If I worked for Groupon customer service my hope would be that you would never purchase from us again!!