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I had tried to change my password and was still unsuccessful in logging in and the representative just cut off the chat after giving me a link to try to print my vouchers without making sure I could access it .It was unsuccessful!

After several tries of logging in, they just shut down the account and it kept saying "Forbidden" so I was not able to get in to print my vouchers. I am just leaving it at that and consider it a loss after being a customer from the time they began! Too bad that they no longer care about having good customer service because they will lose a long-standing customer like me!

I couldn't even call them because they disconnected their phones and since I cannot even get into Groupon, I cannot even qoute the vouchers I have purchased but have not printed yet.I remember a couple that I havent printed yet.

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They are fine unless you have a problem.Purchased a GROUPOFF for NYC restaurant.

Owner would not honor without me using SEPARATE MENU. I don't do that. Voucher said nowhere that separate menu was part of deal. GROUPOFF giving me a run around and lots of hoops to jump thru.

Unless you are positive; DO NOT USE THEM. Imossible to reach.

Just a bunch of wise guys.I will sue them.

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