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Groupon quietly closed my account and took about $150 in groupon bucks and around $100 my unused vouchers! What a scam!

Help. I read over all the terms and conditions and I did not violate anything however now they are not responding to my emails and I can not contact them because I have no more account. They can't even tell me why they closed my account. I've tried to contact them for months and no reply.

They don't respond to emails and have disconnected their phone lines and in order to request a call back, I have to have an account *which I no longer have because they closed it and stole all my money!

They can't just steal from consumers like me. What a fraud and scam!

Product or Service Mentioned: Groupon Account.

Reason of review: My groupon bucks and unused groupons were taken from me as you guys closed my account and are now ignoring all contact from me.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Groupon Cons: Scammed me.

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Groupon closed my account without notice. I chatted with their customer service and got my account reactivated, but the bucks were gone.

The rep on the chat couldn't give me the money back due to their policies, but said she would send my details to the account manager for a refund.

Didn't hear anything from them in a few days, so I contacted them via e-mail. The Groupon bucks were refunded the next day.


This just happened to me! I just bought a lot of Groupons and gifted half of them and now my account is just gone!

I emailed and the costumer service isn’t helpful only wanted my account info I used.

I’ve had that Groupon account for years what the heck?! That’s not legal all that was a lot of money af least $500 worth of vouchers!


I believe they want the info to double check that it's actually you. I told them my name and what my latest purchase was, and she opened my account immediately.

To get your Groupon bucks back you need to tell them to refund you after they open your account.

But it's the account manager who has to do that, so you need to get them to send your info to them. Just be friendly and courteous with the service reps, and they'll hopefully help you out.


the same issue just happened to me, did they ever answered you ?


I was refunded today (I'm not the OP), see my comment(s) above for how I did it.


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Same thing happened to me. Groupon has silently closed my account and I lost $112 in my account.

I cannot contact them, because I no longer have an account, but they continue to email me offers at my email address linked to the lost groupon account. They are a big SCAM company, to never fully refund you money and than just still from you in silence. I want a full refund of my money and never to buy anything from groupon.

What a *** business. I will go a report them on BBB.


I lost the exact same amount ($112) and they had closed my account as well. To find their chat without an account, go to "Help" > "Unable to sign in" > "Still Need Help?

Contact Us".

There you can choose chat or e-mail. Go with chat to open your account, but the service reps can't refund you, so you need to get them to send your details to the account manager.