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Groupon.com may give good deals, but if you ever need an informed cust. svc rep you are out of luck.

Recently one of the reps was not trained in their proceedures and refunded my money for a groupon that was unusable due to the company going out of business, to a CLOSED account. The rep from Groupon KNEW the account was closed and had instructed me to delete my old card and put in my new one for my current bank and said he would process my refund that way. Groupon policy is apparently to refund it to the original card ONLY or issue Groupon credit. The rep was not aware of this..he processed the refund and it was sent to a closed account.

I am now forced to try and fight the bank whom I was already in arbitration with over misapplied fees.

I contacted Groupon several times and they refuse to assist me in any manner.... DONT USE GROUPON.COM.

Product or Service Mentioned: Groupon Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $124.

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I have to agee w/ you. Groupon doesn't have customer service.

The groupon guarantee says anytime there's a problem to call and they don't a number. When you email they take forever to respond. Recently I complained about a company that offered a service for one day and then when you called all you got was a full mailbox. Groupon said they would credit my account but didn't and have ignored all my other requests for a refund.

They also emptied my account of purchases made but not used. No more DUPE-ON for me.