Im not happy with my outcome because my Groupon expired three days ago and it could not be extended. Were talking about a $19.99 oil change, were not talking about a big ticket item.

I realize we are given a certain amount of weeks or months to use a Groupon but due to Covid I feel like I lost all the months of Covid when I would not get an oil change, did not need to because I didnt leave my house, so therefore I was not using my car. It is only recently that I started venturing out with a mask, face shield and gloves because I am immuno compromised. Due to some health issues I can get very sick if I contract COVID-19. I decided that I was due for an oil change this week and when I looked at the Groupon it expired three days ago and it would not be extended.

I could understand if it expired a month ago but three days?

I dont think thats good business practice for such a small amount of money! I wont be buying another Groupon for quite some time.

Location: Stony Point, New York

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