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This is very annoying. I have no credit or debit card anymore (my wallet recently was lost, my cards deactivated, and I'm in the process of getting new cards issued.)

I do however have a groupon gift card but I CAN'T USE IT without getting a credit card and entering the info to Groupon so they can charge my card a grand total of 0$.

I know this because I called customer service upon not being able to checkout my 19.99$ bill online using my $20.00 gift card.

On the phone I was told "there is no manual work around for this.... we're soooo sorrrryyyy... you'll have to get a credit card."

I expect to do little to no more business with this company as a result of this inconvenience. This company doesn't even accept their own credit or "groupon bucks" without relying on other credit institutions. Pitiful. Pitiful.

The funny thing is... what's most ironic is I BOUGHT THE GROUPON GIFT CARD for myself with BITCOIN so I could make an online purchase BECAUSE I CURRENTLY HAVE NO CREDIT CARDS!

I do this with amazon gift cards all the time simply because I resent using credit cards on the internet and am exited at the evolution of payment and store of value systems such as bitcoin. I plan to use bitcoin and non-government prescribed/issued alternative methods of payment for as many online purchases as possible in the future as a measure of protest against increasing financial enslavement to banks and states through monopolized mandated fiat currencies.

By the time my new credit cards arrive the deal on groupon I wanted to buy and bought the gift card to use to buy in the first place will be expired!

Isn't that just lovely? Dandy? Peachy?

Very annoying.

Why doesn't groupon just accept bitcoin? That would have solved my problems making an online purchase before they began.

Ugh. Very annoyed at groupon's incompetence in the payments department.

Get with the times and accept your own frickin gift card or better yet... just accept bitcoin!

It would be lovely if groupon contacted me and gave me an update on where they're at with accepting bitcoin and accepting their own gift cards.

- Maury

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I'm having the same problem. It's now 2017 and I'm assuming Groupon haven't fixed the issue.


Same dealio here. What ***.

I guess that's why they've been stagnating while their tech company peers have been soaring in valuation. They just don't get it.


having the same problem. Not worth the aggravation.

As for using them in the future. I have stopped because I bought a D&D groupon card only to read (too late) the very fine print stating that it can only be used in this one D&D a few hours away from where I live.

Unfortunately, these were a gift from my son. I will advise NO MORE GROUPONs in the future for me


Yup, same here. They force you to use a credit card and then keep them.

DON'T use this site!!!

They don't even need it if the giftcard covers the cost but they don't care. Boycott them.


Once you type in the gift code and pin, you will not be able to cancel that or use it for any other Groupon deal. you'll be stuck in that transaction, and if you don't have debit card/ or credit card you will not be able to buy anything using that gift code.

I bought two Groupon gift certificates from Paypal to buy one deal, because i can't find my debit card. Now I'm stuck with it, and i don't know if the deal will still be there when i get my new debit card and if not i have no idea if they are going it refund it. Please make sure you talk to the customer service about this BEFORE you type in the gift code. Or just don'T type it in, unless you are sure you want this and have your debit/credit card ready for verifying that your info, only then use it.

The info is basically to determine that you are a person. I really hope they change the system.


Where can i find the code on the groupon gift card?


Bought 5 gift cards because I canceled my credit card because of fraud. Still wanted to spend money on Groupon but can't buy groupons because they won't accept their gift cards without a credit card.


hey--- just noticed that if use my smartphone, after getting the gift card entered on my COMPUTER (yes I'm sitting here doing both my pc and my phone for this transaction) -- anyway, i can 'confirm purchase' without the credit card number.

I got the confirmation email already, too. and can see the deal..

on my phone... dear Lord, Groupon can't handle money the way my smartphone can??


Yeah, same thing happened to me. I logged into account through my PC and signed myself out.

I'm trying to use Groupon bucks too because that whole issue is really scary. GET WITH IT GROUPON!


hey, Groupon - this is why I use AMEX, because if you screw THEY come after you, I don't have to! Thank you, American Express for having my back!


You lost the credit card with your wallet so grow up and take responsibility for that. Or better yet get mommy to hold your stuff for you until you grow up.


Awwww are you angry groupon employee?

Are you mad that customers have the power to insult your *** business practices on the internet?

Poor groupon employees!

You must dislike having to provide customer service, that must be such a bother!

Your comment has little to do with the fact that groupon doesn't accept the gift cards they issue without getting access to users credit card info which is utter nonsense.

Calling the bank and getting lost credit cards canceled and getting new credit cards issued is what "taking responsibility" for a lost credit card is.

Losing a wallet is an issue independent of groupon's refusal to accept gift cards without credit card information. Groupon's problem is that they sell gift cards and won't redeem them.


I hope you get what you DESERVE in life ANONYMOUS. Can't you find anything better to do with your pathetic waste of a life than sit around and criticize legitimate complaints from intelligent people?

What a total loser you are. Put down your beer, and don't beat your wife and kids again because you can't deal with your anger. Try playing some facebook games. Oh, but that's right, you probably couldn't spell it OR count to three.

Karma gonna getcha. Merry Christmas!

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