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For all the people who love Groupon. Please read.

I have owned a few businesses over the years. Groupon is the absolute worst marketing tool for any business. The want me to discount my price then give them half of what I make. They expect half and out of my half I have to purchase the product,provide a service Etc.

they did not invest the hundreds of thousands I did to build my business. They pay no part of rent or staffing. Etc. they just demand half after discount.

Any business needing customers so desperately should just close.

They should ask for ten and maybe fiteen percent. Not fifty. Using them is absolutely a sign of a failing business. Even when the groupon ends the customer will always see the reduced expired price online and won't pay the normal price later.

It's hard enough to run a business.

Four days off in the past three years. Beware of groupon.

If it's too good to be true...... no business can survive working for free.

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LOL... Then don't use them....


I don't. But they are aggressive trying to push their program.

So figured I'd warn others.

Thank you for the advice though. Lol