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I ordered something on Dec 8, 2015, emailed customers service several times and they kept replying asking for different things to be provided, I kept answering all their questions and sending the requested info, just to turn around and have them ask me for the same info again!! There are too many customer service reps with their hand in the pot and nothing getting resolved.

I ended up calling in which I hate doing because I can't understand half of them. To make a long story short the convo was a nightmare the rep couldn't comprehend what was being said I has to explain over and over and spell things literally. Spent 45 min on the phone jus t for the phone call to get dropped while I was on hold HOW CONVENIENT!!! Of course they had asked me for my phone number and email address, but do you think anyone got back to me??

I waited a day to monitor my account and see if anything has been done they had put on a $10 groupon credit which is the discount off I originally was supposed to have on Dec 8, 2015 BUT I STILL wasn't able to make my purchase. I has 4 credit cards on file and each time I tried to purchase same thing and error occurred and could not process order. I ended up calling back in and speaking with someone who couldn't understand English or even comprehend me spelling things for him. SO F****ING annoying!!!

Anyway he could not figure out why things weren't working and says he tried on his end as well and it must have been my card and I said there is no way in *** 4 cards aren't working and told him I'm not getting a message that says it was declined I'm getting an error message which means it's something on their end and he said he had to send me to the retention dept and that someone would get back to me within 72 hours. I told everyone this was a xmas gift and needed to be resolved before xmas. Well guess what it is now the day after Xmas and I have not heard from them other than 2 separate emails asking me to review my experience with their customer service. ARE THEY SERIOUS??!!!

I'm so F****ING PISSED!!! They need to either retrain their customer service reps on how to actually handle a problem or give the jobs to actual US CITIZENS!!

At least US CITIZEN can understand you, your problem and will help or get the help needed to resolve the issue!! I'm literally disgusted with Groupon and their effortless attempts at resolving what should have been a simple task.

This reviewer shared experience about order processing issue and wants this business to "process order and give me a large discount since i have been waiting almost 20 days for this to be resolved!!" as the author lost $95. The author is overall dissatisfied with Groupon. The most disappointing about groupon gift card from Groupon was having a problem for 20 days and still not resolved , but reviewer liked no previous problems prior to this unresolved issue. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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