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Can’t login! Can’t change passcode!

Nothing bloody works first it’s taken me an hour to finally get my email address into the stupid thing and I get an email to change passcode and when you open it you can’t put in a new passcode you press it and all it bloody says is copy/share/search over and over this is the worst and the biggest piece of *** website EVER!!! I have never had such a hair pulling, nails down a chalkboard moment as I have had with Groupon!! trying to work the f###### c### of a thing out!!! F### That *** OH LETS NOT FORGET ABOUT THE HELP BUTTON!!!

That’s there to look pretty and give false hope that you can get help,, NO YOU CANT BECAUSE THAT DOES NOT WORK EITHER!! And the contact team “LIVE CHAT” that’s so funny they actually act as though they’re going to give you an answer ha ha ha!

Jokes on you they will put you through to a technician for $5 wtf..?? Prayer comes in handy about that time....!

I feel better thank you Pissed Consumer!

Product or Service Mentioned: Groupon Website.

Groupon Pros: Rare good deal, Will never use them again.

Groupon Cons: Customer service horrible, Website logins passwords, Can not send emails to them, Help buttons is for looks does not work.

  • Buyer Beware Groupon
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If you can't log int, you're NOT the ONLY ONE! Consider it a GIFT from the UNIVERSE and RUN SCREAMING AWAY FROM THESE THIEVES.

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