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I purchased 2 electronics from Groupon after seeing their products were a few dollars cheaper than their competitors. I quickly have realized why. They are running a complete scam.

I purchased a HTC refurbished phone for $199. When I received the phone OVER A MONTH after my online order was placed, it looked like someone took their phone out of their pocket and dropped it in a random shipping box. I tried to contact customer service to return the phone and could never get anyone on the phone. Each time I called it said that the hold time was over an hour, and even when I waited no one ever came on the line (over an hour later). I was not able to return the phone and can't use it because it is in worse condition than the phone I was trying to replace.

I also ordered an iPad as a gift for my father for Christmas for $239. He didn't realize it right away but the phone jack doesn't work at all, it won't even hold the cord in place. At this point I was irate and filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau hoping they could help me. They responded to the complaint saying since the purchase was outside of the 15 day window I am stuck with it. I also tried to get my money back via my Amex card and I am not sure what "documentation" they supplied but whatever it was was enough for Amex to cancel the complaint and stick me with the charge.

So I am now out $450 for a broken iPad and a phone that was never the phone I ordered.

From what I can tell Groupon.com is a complete scam. The electronics you order will be broken or not as described and you have no way to contact them for a return save filing a complaint with the BBB (which they will wait to respond to so you are outside the window for your return).

If anyone gets together to do a class action lawsuit against this terrible company please let me know, I would love to be a part of it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Groupon Gift Card.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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One thing I've learned is that Groupon isn't worth the hassle sometimes. Only on some select items would I recommend using groupon.

I quit using a looong time ago. The only thing good on groupon is the aviation classes they had in San Jose.

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