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I am trying to edit a review I did regarding trying to return a chair a few weeks ago and they have finally made the situation right with me and I just want to put it out there. If you keep trying you will eventually get the help and answers that you need it is just too bad that it takes so much effort to rectify these types of issues. I am in the customer service field and if it ever took as long to respond and resolve these types of issues I would be in the unemployment line. So my suggestion is that if you give someone information email addresses phone numbers and they don't get any response in a timely matter and they notify you as I did numerous times take action then we won't have to go on to sites such as Pissed Consumer.

Since this issue has been taken care of I will use Groupon again.

Thank you,

Kay Sartain Like

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QUOTE : " I will use Groupon again " ... this, despite your bitter complaints and lack of action ?

Are you a glutton for punishment ? What ?