Phoenix, Arizona

Ordered on Black Friday and was confident that I would get my item in time for Christmas. Three weeks passes and I get an auto email telling me they are aware of the delay and are working hard to process my order but rest assured I will get it in time for Christmas, my tracking order would be sent midweek. When mid-week passes I call their customer service only to be told she will email me back later. She emails me and says it has been prioritized and I will get it on or before Christmas Eve, but when I check the site there is still no tracking number. All of a sudden I check my email the next day and I have an email from a different rep telling me there is no estimated date for delivery.

Thank you groupon for ruining my Christmas present for my mother.

I will never EVER order a thing from groupon and I advise anyone and everyone reading this to not order any goods from them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Groupon Delivery Service.

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I ordered a tablet which I'm gonna be needing for my school on Groupon. I have been waiting for it for almost a month now and my school starts in 3 days.

They sent me an email saying that there's a delay and they won't be able to deliver it on time and "will work their best to make sure the product will deliver on time." who are they kidding? they don't do anything to make it work faster and meet the satisfaction of their own customer.


Same thing happened to me a couple of months ago. I ordered a flat iron from them and waited a month for it...all of a sudden I see on the FedEx tracking website that my package was canceled.

Groupon never communicated the delay to me. Furthermore, when I reached out to them about the situation, it took them forever to get back to me to only say they do not have an estimated time for shipping. It is ridiculous. I understand sometimes things happen, but any reputable company would offer their customers discounts/coupons/incentives to compensate for the bad experience.

Groupon needs a class or two on customer service.

I will not be ordering from them in the future, unless I see a ridiculously good deal that I don't need right away. I'm taking my business to LivingSocial.