To whom it may concern

Good morning,

I'm a traveling registered ICU nurse that came to California for an assignment since October 30 2020. I purchased a skydiving Groupon.

I needed an escape from the stress of my job so I made this purchase in order to do just that. I have made three (3) appointments with this skydiving company and was unable to actually skydive. Twice, I was on my way and they called to cancel and the third time they were able to call before I set out. But alas, it never happened unfortunately.

My contract ended last week and I'm moving to Florida on a different assignment for the next 6 months. Because of the unpredictability of this skydiving company, there is no way I will be able to redeem this voucher. I would have to book a round trip ticket on a 6 hour flight to come back to California, but there is absolutely no guarantee that I'll even be able to skydive. I called the company personally to request a refund but they said the purchase was made through your company and I would need to request a refund or credit through Groupon.

I tried to do the request through the Groupon website but was unable to. I honestly tried to redeem this voucher and I absolutely made continuous attempts to do so. Thus, I'm kindly requesting a credit so I can purchase a skydiving voucher in the state of Florida. I hope you understand the circumstances I'm in, we are all working hard for the money we make and losing over $100 is not easy for me.

Please consider my situation. I would like to thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Location: Rowland Heights, California

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