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My wife purchased a spa treatment package for herself and daughter it was to include a facial and massage. upon arrival at the spa they were given a 7 page "health questionnaire" to fill out?

Seems a bit invasive of private health information? But then they refused to honor the treatment as my wife indicated she has cancer. My wife called her oncologist who talked to the management and also faxed over a release. They still refused !

She has not received a refund despite several attempts. My wife also ordered a headboard on groupon. The same day she was turned down at the spa she received an email saying the headboard she purchased and had earlier received confirmation of shipment was being shipped back to the manufacturer due to a double barcode label ??? When my wife called (the same day) she was told they could no longer honor the coupon (purchase) since the special coupon price had expired now !!!

Still no refund !!!

Wow, what a lowlife company !!! How/Why are they still in business !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Groupon Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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An email stated I could getva membership to BJ Wholesale half off with Groupon. The deal was refused by BJ's. All attempts to redeem my cardsvworth $75.00 were refused.