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I've bought coupons on Groupon before and never had much issue. Probably because Groupon has nothing to do with the actual fulfillment of those, it's up to the restaurant to do it. Well, recently I decided to try "Groupon Goods" as they call it on a Cyber Monday.

Worst Mistake Ever!!!! Don't ever buy a Groupon Good, even if it's a million dollar item being sold for a penny. I'm serious. #1, you'll never receive it, #2 they'll lie to you and say you did, #3 the'll just ignore you forever while basking in the hard earned money you forked over for an item they never even shipped.

Here's how they screwed me. I ordered two Samsung Galaxy S4 phones (GSM Unlocked) for $99/ea. Seemed like a good deal at the time, thought the 40 or so hours I've wasted since then has easily cost me 10X that much. At this point, I'm only still dealing with these *** out of sheer spite.

So after about three weeks I notice that the items never even shipped (despite the fact it said "delivery within 7 days" on the page). Four times I had to contact customer support about this before anything was done about it. First guy just blew me off, said he'd "look into it" and then never got back to me. Next two times they lied to me and said it was shipped and the tracking just wasn't updated. However USPS confirmed the packages were never shipped, only a tracking number was generated. After the fourth time when I got threatening toward them, they again lied to me, but then a few hours later the tracking finally showed that one of the two packages had shipped.

I thought maybe they had combined them into a single package, so I left the issue alone for a few days. When it finally arrived, it was in fact just ONE of the TWO phones I orded. To top it off it was the wrong phone, for the wrong service provider, and one that's a $50 lower value than the two I bought. So it's completely useless to me.

The other one has still never shipped as you can see in the attached image from their site as of today. I'm now up to around 7 times of contacting customer support, and getting nowhere. I'm just waiting until tomorrow morning now to call my credit card company and do a chargeback of the amount. I'll pitch this other *** phone they tried to pawn off on me onto eBay and they can just eat the loss of it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Groupon Coupon.

Reason of review: All of the above, + lying, fraud, theft, etc..

Monetary Loss: $199.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Groupon Pros: Price they falsely advertised.

Groupon Cons: Did not deliver what i bought, Took weeks to ship, Lied to me about not shipping it, I still do not have my phones.

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