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I purchased a refurbished MacBook from Groupon and what I received was a laptop that had NOT been refurbished and had security software and locks on it belonging to a school district in Illinois. Groupon told me they would deposit $53 Groupon Bucks in my account and I could keep the laptop.

First off, I paid $268. Second, it's basically a really nice doorstop with someones security lock on it. After arguing with these idiots all day demanding that they overnight me what I paid for as they were guilty of fraud...they deleted my account, emailed me all my unused vouchers and suddenly really wanted me to return the laptop for a refund. At this point I'm REALLY pissed and have told them they need to go get a *** job cleaning toilets because that's obviously all they're qualified for.

I had also proceeded to file a fraud complaint with the federal Trade Commission just prior to their suddenly wanting this computer back so badly. additionally, they removed two separate posts I made to their Facebook page warning other consumers of their dishonest dealings and refusal to immediately ship me what I paid for via overnight delivery.

At this point, I suspect that the laptop may be stolen and that Groupon knew it was not functional. I have contacted police in the town who's school district appeared as the registered owner when I attempted to set the computer up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Macbook Air Laptop.

Reason of review: Fraudulent advertising, product not as described, uncooperative customer service, censorship of my right to warn others of my experience.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: written apologies from all customer service people involved, donation to educational scholarship fund for underprivileged youth, donation of 10 laptops to a school of choice, overnight me a functioning laptop, public apology & admit of censorship on FB .

Groupon Cons: Stole my federal student aid, Sent me laptop that is likely stolen, Censored my warnings to other consumers, Refused to overnight what i paid for to fix their incompetency.

  • Groupon Stole My Money
  • Groupon Censorship
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Oh my gosh. You need an attorney.

The is theft. And, obviously, the computer was stolen.

try this: write a letter - a CERTIFIED LETTER, RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED - to: Contact Groupon Customer Service Mailing Address: Groupon, Inc. 600 West Chicago Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60654 United States Phone: (800) 952-5210 All Groupon Contacts

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