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Please Share!!!

I'm going to try to make this as concise and quick as possible, please read and help spread the word so no one else has this experience!

We booked a flight from 3rd party (Orbitz/Kayak) for American Airlines to depart from Louisville International Airport on 11/12/19 at 6:38pm, to Chicago O'Hare Airport, landing at 7:19pm, with 1 hour 1 min layover, and connecting flight to LasVegas departing at 8:20pm. Arrival to Vegas for 10:19pm (1:19pm East Coast time). Total cost: 696.35. Our Hotel at Circus Circus hotel was booked from Monday Night until Thursday morning. Cost: (included in hotel cost) Our departing flight was scheduled from LasVegas at 1:36AM Thursday morning. So, essentially we planned for two days in Vegas (11/13-11/14) We additionally through Orbitz booked tickets to Mandalay Bay Shark Aquarium... cost:40.00. Our initial flight was delayed 1 hour 20 minutes causing us to miss our connecting flight. The only available alternative flight was from Chicago to Vegas at 5pm on 11/13. Meaning we would not arrive in Vegas until late Tuesday evening/Early Wed morning. We chose not to be stranded in Chicago overnight and most of Tuesday. We called Orbitz customer service that night. Immediate response, AND FULL refund of flight/hotel/shark aquarium tickets!

Now... Groupon because we had ZERO intentions of NOT going on our trip, we purchased a Helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, VooDoo Zip line Package, HighRoller Ferris Wheel tickets, Package for 2 at the Stratosphere Tower AND 2-Two day passes for the LasVegas Monorail for transportation during our stay. We have tried to contact Groupon, via phone (no answer) and via email (they block incoming emails), via live chat...(no resolve) and via Facebook messenger (more resolve). We spent a total of $887.98. We have been given ONE activity trade in with value of $39.00. Upon opening THAT email, were given 24 hours to trade in amount (a timer was visible on Groupon) If full trade-in is not utilized, its lost. We additionally contacted Mustang Helicoptor tours, to maybe even get a partial refund (as we now know Groupon ROBS businesses of revenue for services) they referred us to Viator, who is the parent company. Viator will happily return the portion of money they received, IF groupon contacts them on ourbehalf, validating we have voided our voucher. No response of course from Groupon on that matter.

Please do NOT use Groupon guys. It is a good deal. Sure. But in the event of things beyond your control, there is NO customer service. Zero. Useless. You will be robbed of your hard earned money, not to mention the companies that provide services are robbed as well. Please make this viral!!! Will update if there is any change... though I'm certainly not holding my breath.

Product or Service Mentioned: Groupon Coupon.

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