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Christmas Day I was given 100$ to purchase 4 $25 vouchers to classy crossroads. The first attempt to purchase the 4 I put the quantity of 4 but it defaulted back to 1 so I thought ok well I guess you can only do 1 at a time.

At this moment I just kept doing the purchase separately not realizing the first attempt did go through and purchased 4 at 1 time. I check my account and there were multiple transactions $100 then like $25 or $50 a few times. It put my account in negative as clearly I did not intend on purchasing 9 of these vouchers, I have called Groupon and they said sorry but it says final sale. I emailed local flavor they said sorry go back to Groupon ask for a manger, I emailed Groupon to only be told again sorry read the fine print it says finial sale.

It is really ridiculous that an exception can not be made as this was clearly a system error on their app and I don’t have the money for 5 extra vouchers and I haven’t even redeemed them , there has to be a way to refund this and they are just not wanting to go out of their way to make this right. I will never purchase anything from Groupon

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Whats groupons phone number. I cant find it anywhere.