Buyer beware. Groupon had a deal for a 7 piece jacquard bedding set, I purchased 2 of them in a specific color.

When it was delivered (in 2 packages), it was the wrong color. I immediately called their customer support and after waiting a while on phone, finally got a live person. I explained the situation to him and he advised me that he would be sending me usps return label for the items. He said that I should print the same one label twice and use it on both packages.

I don't work for the post office or nothing but I know this is not doable. I called them again and spoke to another person who advised that she would be sending me an email within minutes with either 2 new mailing labels or an extra mailing label to be used alongside the one I already received (she wasn't sure what I would be receiving). I hung up the phone in good faith and after waiting over 2 hours for this label, called again. Spoke to the 3rd person who said she wasn't sure why I was sent the same label for 2 packages and that she was going to speak to a manager about this.

Came back saying my options were to 1) ship the items back in one box (clearly, the times were 2 big for one box which is why groupon sent them to me in 2 separate packages) or 2) she would pass this along to the groupon goods team to resolve. According to her, she had no idea who this team was and all she knew to do was submit a ticket which would be forwarded to them for response within 3 business days. It's the holiday season, I am out money, have to go look for new gifts for the intended recipients of this and then have to deal with groupon expecting me to use 1 shipping label for 2 separate packages. I am now waiting to see if/when I will hear back from the groupon goods team on this.

I don't recall having such difficulty returning an item (as a result of the shipper's error).

Keeping fingers crossed that I can be rid of these bedding items sooner than later. As far as groupon is concerned, proceed with caution.

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